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MBA Media and Entertainment Management

A student of Computer Science has an innovative career plan. He is presently doing his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and planning to do MBA after that. However, his final aim is to get into television / entertainment industry after MBA. So, all tha he wants to know is what specialisation to choose to get into media industry? Where relevant courses are available?

Here is some broad guidelines and institutes that suits to this career plan. There are not many institutes offering an MBA with specialization in Media and Entertainment. The two prominent one are Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad and Manipal University, Bangalore ( in association with Whistling Woods International of Subhash Ghai).

The typical roles that an MBA can have in these sectors are for Marketing, Branding, Business Development and Event Management. To get into the sector in these roles you would be advised to specialize in marketing. Like any other industry here also MBAs in Finance and HR can be employed. If your interest is in the production side you may have to look at specialized courses and not an MBA.

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