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MBA Information Systems for Software Professionals

Before you do MBA in Information System you should have some work experience to appreciate the work and progress that you can expect by doing the course. There are many universities offering the Information Systems MBA both in India and Aboard, however focus on work experience more than just looking for an other degree... industry may not appreciate your approach after MBA. Also investing more money while loosing your precious time is not advisable. Most of the Indian Universities offering this course as Systems Management… however best of the one’s which are offering this course
are the PGDM (Equivalent to MBA) offered by AICTE approved Institutes. Please check the website for such institutes. These courses would help you to fine tune your skills of Computer Application to the business world and helps in managing large IT projects for Business efficiency.

Online MBA Degree:

You can do MBA online degree however you need to establish the authenticity of the Universities offering the degree in India… however you can choose a distance/Part-time(evenings) education if you would like to continue your studies that would help you since you have an experience already… MBA online can be pursued from many institutes in the world… For list of best Business Schools for Online Education can be obtained on the Financial Times website: In India we have Symbiosis, IGNOU, IMT- Gaziabad are some of the institutes offering online programs.

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