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MBA after Polytechnic and Experience

The craze for Management education is increasing every day. More and more parents and aspirants are getting to know about the advantages of Management Courses. One thing every one should be aware is any management course/ program/ degree would be of great use only if they have any prior experience, Else its only a Lottery Luck kind of situation for a final placement. Indian Business needs as many MBA’s as possible. However note that only as little as 3-5% of them are getting the right kind of break to add value to business.

The primary reasons being the generic and normal, MBAs are getting opportunities which are meant for the Graduates only. Keeping this in mind its advised to each and every student to focus on their work experience before MBA. Any individual who have experience should focus on Part-Time (Evening) program to start with as priority and look for other Distance mode if its not possible absolutely.

There are few things you should keep in mind choosing the Institute:

1. First and foremost consider the University status and authenticity of the degrees provided by the Colleges.
2. If you have any experience prior any program in management would be of help, otherwise you need to consider the above point seriously..
3. Also look at the faculty who teaches have the experience from Industry.
4. Speak to a good number of Students passed out from the institute and judge the placement record for real.
5. Also the important aspect of your Return on Investment (Fee and your efforts)

MBA after polytechnic and 10 years IT experience: University Post Graduate Degrees would require a bachelor degree as mandatory. With your kind of experience it may be good to take up some Executive Management Programs with any good Institutes in India as you grow in professional career Degree alone may not be always required. However you should quickly pickup a graduation degree from IGNOU or any other distance education Institutes quickly… Alternatively check for an Integrated MBA program from universities. Also consider if you would like to do a full-time or part time or distance before you search.

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3 thoughts on “MBA after Polytechnic and Experience

  1. anurag

    can i do mba after polytechnic diploma in electrical branch. I want to do mba but i have no bachalour diploma what can i do after polytechnic for mba


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