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MBA after M. Sc.: For and Against

Post Graduation in Basic Biological Sciences such as Botany, Zoology and Applied Sciences like Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology are not fetching good job opportunities for the candidates in the given industry scenario in India. Students of these subjects have to opt for higher course such as Ph.D. and Post Doc OR to get into smart careers through these subjects. Another option these science students have is to go for professional courses like MBA after M.Sc. in their subjects. So many students have doubts over this option as this is completely out of their subject area and also have apprehensions about future prospects in the case of opting professional courses.

One important suggestion for these candidates is, if you like your subjects then stick to it. You must take career decision based on the long term career opportunities and prospects. The initial growth will be slow in sciences, but later on you can get better opportunities. If job is your first priority at this moment then you can move out for a professional course like MBA and MCA. But after a certain time span you may not like the new subject or the job. Then it will be difficult to get a job based on your past degree. So it may give you trouble in your near future. If you don’t have any financial crisis or urgency from your family side then better to continue with the same subject provided you enjoy it, you like it most.

Chemistry Vs Microbiology Vs Botany:

This is another confusion for Plus two students while joining in Graduation. There is good number of options available for them at the Graduation (B.Sc.) level. But they should have long term career plan while going for any applied science subject at B.Sc. level. It is always advisable to study Basic and Core subjects at graduation level in order to gain knowledge in basics of the subjects. In this case, Chemistry is better than the other two. You can select career and job availability wise Chemistry followed by microbiology and botany. But if you want to pursue career in a particular subject which you like most in this three and ready to move on further in studies then better to choose the subject which you like most.

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  1. Raghu S N


    I have completed my masters in microbiology and working the same field for past 4 years, but now i feel like taking up some MBA coureses which will help me out in my feature can you people giude me


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