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MBA after M.Sc. Biotechnology

A job aspirant from Hyderabad asked ‘I have done Masters in Biotechnology. My friends are asking me to go for MBA, so I want to know how MBA will help me in my career? What will be my job prospects?’ Answer to this question is: This Support of your friend’s suggestion shows you that they are not aware of things in the real world. Advice to focus on getting a job immediately as you has spent enough time in masters. Focus on biotechnology field, which is quite good at this point of time in recruitments. Based on your experience for 2 years in the chosen field then do your MBA which would help. Even if you pursue your MBA you would be doing this same search after 2 year also…Do not invest your life span in unproductive ventures.

Dot Net after MBA: Here is another question. This goes like ‘I am going to finish MBA marketing from a private college affiliated to JNTU. Being an MBA marketing person, how it will be if I do .net course to shift to software. Are there any problems if I do .net course in getting a job. I request you to give details as it is most important career step.’

Here is the answer: You are heading towards wasting time further. You should not be even thinking to do .net course in your wildest dreams. You can learn .net as hobby but not seriously which can feed you further. Immediately you focus on your current course and getting on to a job which gives you exposure to work environment. You can try any of the Insurance, Retail and Services Industries for your marketing job. Typically most of the jobs that comes up in the Sales Side of the business, try and get a job and keep moving in the organisation with a focus of self development. Thinking of Programming etc., would be a sin at this point of time.

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