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MBA after Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Question: I have done Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (3 years course). This course is approved by D.G.C.A, Civil Aviation Ministry, New Delhi. I want to know that with this qualification is there any chance to do MBA. How will be the career opportunities for this combination?

Answer: As you have the AME with you, I am surprised to see your focus on MBA which is good. However, as always for MBA pre-requisite is work experience. I am sure with your AME course (Which is not a degree) you would be able to get into the Aviation Segment quickly. I personally know that it’s highly paid profession more than MBA gets at this point of time. After a few years of experience you can build your supervisory career at that time MBA would add more value. In the mean time you can apply institutes who can give you credit for your 3 years Course equivalent to the Diploma (There are institutes who give credit for Diploma (10+2+3) for further MBA program… Alternatively you may like to do your Graduation distance with your age as pre-requisite.

Career with PGDBA after B.Tech EIE

Question: I completed my B.Tech in EIE in the year 2007. Now I am doing PGDBA (HR) from Symbiosis, Pune. Is it a good institution? Am I eligible for the HR jobs?

Answer: Since you are already pursuing the course don’t worry whether the Institute is good or not. As I know that there are many Symbiosis Institutes in Pune.. If you are asking this question I feel that you are doing the program in Distance mode. If not it depends on the institute, most of them are decent Institutes. The best known in the country is Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) considered as best in top 20. If you have not completed the course yet I would strongly advise you to do your Internship / Project/ Practical HR exposure in a live environment which would give you a strong base for future opportunities.

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