MaRRS Spelling Bee Contest Model Questions for Word Application – Part 1

MaRRS Spelling Bee International Championship is a contest held for the school children to test the spelling abilities at various levels. The Spelling Bee contest will be conducted across the country from Class I to Class XII. There are various rounds in the contest. Important among these is the Word Application round. In this round, there will be a sentence with a blank space and candidates have to identify the correct word to be filled in the blank space from the given two words. The difficulty levels of the examination change while the students go for upper levels. You can get more details of the contest from or . If you like to practice more questions, see Part - 2 and Part - 3 of the series.

1. Kindly bear with me for the ----- trouble I gave you.(little, few)
2. ---- people got hurt in the accident. (Much, Many)
3. The bus was only ----- minutes late(few, a few)
4. Our team has ------ batsmen than bowlers.(good, better)
5. Akbar was a ---- Mughal king.(great, greatest)
6. Jupiter is the ----- planet.(larger, largest)
7. ----- are woollen gloves.( These, This)
8. ----- is the mail train?( What, Which)
9. ----- do you like to have for breakfast?( Which, What)
10. Mary saw ----- in the mirror.( herself, myself)
11. We enjoyed ----- playing in the garden.(yourselves, ourselves)
12. He locked ----- inside the room.(myself, himself)
13. Where is the man ---- gave you this news?( who, which)
14. This is the book ----- you have been looking for.(what, which)
15. These people ----- houses were destroyed in the earthquake need our help.(whose, which)
16. ----- gave you the book myself yesterday. (I, me)
17. He is taller than ----- (I, me)
18. Our parents care for ----- (me, us)
19. We got this car in a lucky draw. Now this car is ---- (mine, ours)
20. The Principal wants to see ---- room. (you, your)
21. Don’t blame us as ---- have not even seen your purse.( we, our)
22. The saint ------ to the forest.(gone, went)
23. I ----- two dictionaries.(has, have)
24. ----- Susan got any story books?(Have, Has)
25. The earth ----- round the sun.(revolve, revolves)
26. Leaves ------ in autumn.( falls , fall)
27. Children ----- fairy tales.( likes , like)
28. Cricket world cup ----- place every four years.( take, takes)
29. This shop ----- all kinds of books.( sell, sells)
30. I ---- the school last month. (joins, joined)


1) little 2) Many 3) a few 4) better 5) great 6) largest 7) These 8) Which 9) What 10) herself 11) ourselves 12) himself 13) Where 14) which 15) whose 16) I 17) me 18) us 19) ours 20) you 21) as 22) went 23) have 24) Has 25) revolves 26) fall 27) like 28) takes 29) sells 30) joined

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23 thoughts on “MaRRS Spelling Bee Contest Model Questions for Word Application – Part 1

  1. Lissa Jacob

    My son has been registered from his school for the Spelling bee English competition from his school he is in 1st std, kindly let me know the portions

    1. admin

      He may be appearing for Category 1 competition. The level consists of oral round (may be spell it). The student is expected to spell out the words. You can contact concerned person at the school / regional office of Marrs Spelling Bee.


    hi my son is studying in class 1,he is appearing for the inter school spell bee competetion can u please recomend me the books or the website to gothrough for the competetion.

  3. Malini

    Hi, my son has been selected for state level in maars spell bee he is in 3 std, please let me know the books we can refer for next level. regards malini

  4. sapna

    Hi,my daughter is selected for state level competion. Iwant model question paper material .she is in 2nd std

    1. admin

      Most of the earlier sections will be continued but the standard may be higher than the previous tests. There will be pronunciation / phonetics section in addition to the regular ones.

    1. admin

      At that level, the test will be on spellings of simple words, word applications etc. Students academic background may be enough for that. If you go to their workshop, they will give some study material. That will be enough.

  5. Neepa

    My daughter is selected for state level competion. Iwant model question paper material .she is in 5 th standard and selected for category III

    1. admin

      They will provide study material for the cost. That will be enough for the test. General reading will help much for this exam.

  6. lohit

    Hello, can I get model question papers for category 5 (inter-school) level by tomorrow or day after tomorrow .pls give it at my mail for which i have been asked.

  7. srinivasan

    Hi sir,

    My daughter is selected for international level exam group-2,so kindly send the last 3years question paper model to my mail Id...

  8. Vivek kelkar

    Hello, can i get model question paper or last year sample question paper of category 5 by 2 days


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