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MaRRS Spelling Bee Championship Practice Questions for Word Application Part – 2

This is the second set of practice questions for MaRRS Spelling Bee International Championship Contest. The questions are useful for the Word Application Round of the contest. These questions are aimed at the students of Category I (Class I) participants. More details of contest can be obtained from or . MaRRS Spelling Bee is an international Spelling Bee Championship conducted at School, Inter - School, State, National and International levels. Following are some practice questions for Word Application section of the contest. After finishing the test, you can practice more at Part -1 and Part - 3 of the series of model questions.

1. She ---- the letter yesterday. (receives, received)
2. I ---- my childhood at Dehra Dun. (spend, spent)
3. The young man --- off the horse. (fell, fall)
4. Our aircraft --- over the mountains. (fly, flew)
5. Two and two ---- four. (makes, make)
6. There ---- several mistakes in your essay. (is, are)
7. Much of my time --- been wasted. (has, have)
8. Neither of these two books --- interesting. (is, are)
9. Everyone in the family --- him. (respects, respect)
10. The great poet and scholar --- been honoured. (has, have)
11. The songs of this film ---- very sweet. (is , are)
12. Both of these houses ---- well built. (is, are)
13. One of the passengers ---- a qualified doctor. (was, were)
14. There ---- dark clouds in the sky. (is, are)
15. Tandoori Chicken ---- his favorite dish. (is , are)
16. Javed, and not his friends ---- to be blamed. (is, are)
17. The doctor ---- examined my father. (carefully, care)
18. Peter bowled --- than Sam. (fast, faster)
19. The sun shines ---- than the moon. (bright, brighter)
20. The table is lying ---- the two chairs. (between, among)
21. The police charged him ----- theft. (in, with)
22. Sunil is different ---- his father. (from, for)
23. He is pure of heart, ---- he remains cheerful. (therefore, there by)
24. How ----- time do you need? (much, many)
25. There are seven ---- in a week. (days, months)
26. I keep my socks in the bottom ----- (drawer, table)
27. Would you like to come to my ---- for dinner? (garden, house)
28. A hearty meals was prepared by the ----- at the summer camp. (painter, cook)
29. A ---- will be known by his paintings. (teacher, painter)
30. ---- are used on the floors. (cupboards, carpets)


1) received 2) spent 3) fell 4) flew 5) make 6) are 7) have 8) is 9) respect 10) has 11) are 12) are 13) was 14) are 15) is 16) is 17) carefully 18) faster 19) brighter 20) between 21) with 22) from 23) there by 24) much 25) days 26) drawer 27) house 28) cook 29) painter 30) carpets

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