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Management in Hass School of Business

Student of Engineering asked, ‘I am pursuing my B. Tech from Andhra university (EEE) branch. I am in B. Tech first year now. I am keenly interested in having my base in finance as well as engineering. Recently I came to know about the undergraduate program in Hass (Berkley) School of Business. In spite of my inquiry I could not get the complete details of the course study. I would be pleased if you help me in understanding the course structure.’

The course at Hass School of Business is a generic management program and specially the undergrad level it would be definitely a general management. You need to build your expertise. However it is not going to be engineering. If you want to be with engineering and finance, you may have to look at the post graduate course. You can get more details from these links:

One more thing is, having exposure and expertise in Engineering and Finance areas shall increase your job potential. There are companies looking for candidates specialised in multi professional disciplines like Engineering and Management. Hence you are on the right track and go ahead with your career plans.

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