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Maharashtra Board – MBSSCE 10th Class Exams Time Table 2013

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has announced examination time tables for the year 2013. Following is the time table for Secondary School Certificate Examinations (10th Class) March 2013.

The examinations will commence from 2nd March 2013 and will be conducted as per the following schedule:

1) 2nd March: Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Bengali and Punjabi. (first language)

2) 5th March: Hindi (Second or third language) / composite course

3) 7th March: English (First / third language)

4) 9th March: Urdu, Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhamgadhi, Persian, Arabic, Avesta, Pahalvi, Russian (second / third language).

5) 12th March - Science and Technology / Physiology Hygiene and Home Science

6) 14th March: Mathematics Pape -1 / Arithmetic

7) 16th March: Mathematics - Paper II

8) 19th March - Social Sciences Paper 1

9) 21st March - Social Sciences Paper 2

10) 22nd March - Second or third language

11) 23rd March - Second / third language (Gujarati / Urdu)

12) 25th March - Second / third language

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