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M.Tech or Ph.D Pharmacy in NIPER

I completed my M.Sc and qualified GATE . I am interested in NIPER Exam. Shall I do Ph.d .or M.Tech in NIPER. please tell me fee details and NIPER offer fellowship or not?
- Mahesh T

Ph.D is always a better option for a long run in a academic career but if your planning is to join a company as early as possible and start earning then you can opt for the M.Tech. There is a combined test for Ph.D in NIPER which you have to attend after you GATE score. The fees (subject to revision) are given below for Hosteller at the time of admission:

1. Institute Scholar (General): Rs. 16,500
2. Institute Scholar (SC/ST): Rs. 9,000
3. Industry / Govt. / Self Sponsored Scholar : Rs. 22,500

At every subsequent Semester:

1. Institute Scholar (General) : Rs. 10,050
2. Institute Scholar (SC/ST) : Rs. 2,550
3. Industry/Govt./Self Sponsored Scholar : Rs. 16,050

For more details you can visit the following website:

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