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LL.B. Model Paper 4 Law of Torts Including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law

LL.B. Examination Model Paper - IV Subject : Law Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks 80.

Part - A
Answer any five of the following. (30 Marks)

1. Common Law
2. Malice
3. Passing off
4. Conspiracy
5. Product liability
6. Deficiency
7. Malicious prosecution
8. Tortious liability

Part - B
Answer any two of the following. (30 Marks)

9. Explain the maxim 'injuria sine Damnum, Damnum sine injuria'.
10. When a master is liable for the negligence of his servant in the course of his employment.
11. Discuss the general principle with regards to Measure of Damages.
12. What are the defences available against tort to reality or immovable property?

Part - C
Answer any two of the following. (20 Marks)

13. 'X' has a mill, Y hinders the water from running to 'X' mill. Can 'X' claim for damages.

14. 'X' school authority left a child nursery student and boy strayed from premises on to a public road. 'Y' lorry driver to avoid boy, struck to post and killed whether 'X' is liable or not.

15. Municipality authorities repaired public road twice but due to rain, again road went into repairs. Cyclist 'X' riding during night hours felled and met with injuries. Whether authorities liable for misfeasance or nonfeasance.

16. 'X' purchased a ticket to watch cinema show was forcibly removed from his seat on mistaken belief that 'X' did not purchase ticket. Whether manager of theatre is liable or not.

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