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LL.B. Law of Contract – I Model Paper 1

LL.B. 1st year first Semester Examination Paper - 1 Model Paper Subject - Law Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks 80.

Part - A
Answer any five of the following. (30 Marks)

1. Lapse of offer.
2. Voidable contract.
3. Undue influence.
4. Privity of contract.
5. Novation.
6. Wagering agreement.
7. Joint promisors.
8. Temporary unjuction.

Part - B
Answer any two of the following. (30 Marks)

9. "A contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts" - Discuss.
10. Define consideration and discuss the essential elements of consideration.
11. "An agreement in restraint of trade is void". Discuss the statement with exceptions if any.
12. Discuss various kinds of contracts.

Part - C
Answer any two of the following. (20 Marks)

13. B gave his acceptance to an offer given by A through electronic medium. When is the communication of acceptance is said to be complete.
14. A promises to pay a time barred debt to B. Can it be a good consideration to enforce A's promise.
15. X a postman wrongly delivered a parcel to Y which is addressed to Z. Can Y appropriate the parcel? What is his liability?
16. A promises to buy a bike to his son if B secures a first class in the exams.Can B file a suit for breach of promise if A fails to fulfill his promise?

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