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LL.B. Constitutional Law – I Model Paper 3

LL.B. Examination Model Paper - III Subject - Law Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks 80.

Part - A
Answer any five of the following. (30 Marks)

1. The Government of India Act , 1919.
2. rafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly.
3. Secularism.
4. Doctrine of Waiver.
5. Self incrimination.
6. Writ of Quo Warranto.
7. Res judicata.
8. Uniform Civil code.

Part - B
Answer any two of the following. (30 Marks)

9. Define 'State'. Explain the judicial interpretation of 'other authorities'.
10. Explain the right to equality in the light of doctrine of reasonable classification.
11. Explain the scope of cultural and educational rights with the help of decided cases.
12. Write a critical note on the objectives and enforcement of fundamental duties in India.

Part - C
Answer any two of the following. (20 Marks)

13. The Government decided to disinvest its share in a profit making Government Company. It was challenged by an NGO on the ground that the said decision is against the policy of socialism enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution of India. Decide.

14. A college imparting law courses admitted only government employees in its evening LL.B. course, and derived the same to private employees. Its decision was challenged as unreasonable. Decide.

15. A person was arrested in connection with a murder case on a Friday, and he was kept in the police station on Saturday and Sunday. He was produced in the court only in the evening of Monday next. What right of the arrested person has been violated?

16. A political leader was appointed as a member of the Child Rights Commission by a State Government. It is proposed to be challenged by a Child Rights Activist. Which writ should be sought in the instant case?

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