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Learn Writing English and Improve Spelling

Writing and Spelling are interconnected skills in any language. You should master both the skills in order to make it sensible and comprehensible to others. Here are some tips to improve your writing and spelling skills. Always keep a diary or journal while practicing writing. You need not pay attention to grammar for each and every word and sentence. Free writing can give good results and will be very useful. You can enjoy it and will have fun while writing. Following are some more useful tips to improve writing and spelling.

1. Always write emails in English only. Keep in touch with teachers or friends or other students through email.
2. Rewriting your local news in English will be very much effective tool. You must do this everyday without fail. Remember that regular practice will produce better results in the long term.
3. Learn essential spelling rules. You would not always have a dictionary or a spell -checker handy, particularly when you are writing an examination. Even native English speakers need to review the spelling rules from time to time. You can also search for online spelling tutorials.
4. Identify and learn commonly miss spelt words. Learning common English errors will improve sentence structure and spelling.

Here are some more tips:

1. Never afraid of grammar. Students get obsessed with grammar most of the times. Students from strict grammar schooling will be more attentive towards grammar. Always remember that you only study grammar in order to converse. Practice with a few drills. Write an essay or also have a conversation and try to use your language skills.

2. Separate your weak points in the process of learning English. Do not misuse time on grammar exercises that you already understand. Pay more attention on grammar that is difficult for you. If you are not able to point out your problems, write a few paragraphs and ask a teacher to identify frequent errors.

3. You can also teach grammar points to a friend who studies at a lower level than you. Teaching will compel you to memorize the rules and to understand them correctly.

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