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Language problems in education and career

A student facing problems with English Communication and pursuing his MBA second year has sent a mail in order to get bailed out of the problem. He has studied his Graduation in his native mother tongue, Tamil. As MBA is in English Medium, he is feeling the pressure of the language and also gone inferior in confidence levels. There are so many candidates with similar problems. The important concern of these candidates is facing job interviews and getting through placements. Following is brief solution OR approach to solution to this issue.

I see these candidates only have built these language constraints on you based on what your people around in your own circle. You have expressed clearly what you have to mention in your problem / question. There is nothing wrong being from Tamil / Telugu / Kannada or any other medium in the lower courses. There are many Kannada / Telugu / Tamil Medium students do well with focus and courage. There is nothing impossible. Getting lesser marks in English based courses is also not a constraint if you have good approach for job search. Do approach the companies who do not have stringent norms of percentage. In this situation, it is better to approach small and medium size organizations. Many of the organisations where you can get opportunity, English is not the only criterion.

Best thing that you should do is to work with any company in your local area to test your skills. All the skills you learn in College are not utilized directly, so don’t worry about you don’t have a skill (which is made by you only). I personally have seen many who have excelled but think like you in the initial stage. You would only say all these doesn’t matter when you prove, so just focus on your subjects and try and apply whatever you little learning in practice with the help Small and Medium Organisations. They can always experiment than MNC / Large organisations that have stringent norms as many would apply to them.

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