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Key Skills for English Learners

Learning English could be fun and easy if you are seriously paying attention in it and enthusiastic to learn irrespective of your age, qualifications and position. There are attractive career opportunities for candidates with good accent and pronunciation of English. Applicants with excellent communication skills will get priority over others in most of the recruitment processes.

There are four important key skills for learners. These are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Many of the students like to speak better in English. If this is one of your most important goals, it is vital to understand equilibrium of the four major skills. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the 4 important skills you must require to communicate in English. Being exceptionally good at only one among any of these skills will not help you to accomplish your goal. For instance, you should be able to read well before you can write fine English. Students also need to be able to listen before they can speak better language.

Some students or learners would like to know which skills are the most important. In fact, all these four skills are not independent. They all are interconnected and they are all important skills. We use some skills more often than others depending up on the nature of communication. For instance, we simply listen for about 40 percent of the time that we spend on communicating. We may speak for about 35 percent of the time in the entire communication. And 16 percent of communication comes from reading, and approximately about 9 percent comes from writing. These are estimated statistics for an average communicator in English. These percentages and numbers may be different according to the situation.

If we categorize all the above four skills as Macro Skills, each of these have micro or sub - skills within them. For instance, pronunciation is a kind of skill (speaking) that must be practiced in order to get better in communication. Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary are other sub skills. Micro dose not indicate they are insignificant.

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