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Junior Inter Botany Model Paper – Paper 1 English Version

Intermediate Public Examinations - March / April
Botany Paper - 1 (Model Paper) - (English Version)


Answer all the questions in sequence. 10 x 2 = 20
1. How Parasara's Krishi Parasaram and Vrikshayurvedam are useful for Botany?
2. What are gall flowers? In which inflorescence they are found?
3. Name the plants of Malvaceae in which epicalyx is absent.
4. Who proposed cell theory and what it states?
5. Which cell organelle is called suicidal bags of a cell and why?
6. Which type of parenchyma is found in submerged hydrophytes and how is it helpful?
7. What are bulliform cells? What is their role?
8. Define ecology. Name the scientist who first used the term ecology.
9. In which cross would you obtain a 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 ratio in
F2 progeny? What is the test cross ratio of the same cross.
10. Define linkage.


Answer any six of the following questions. 6 x 4 = 24
11. What are nodular roots? What is their significance?
12. Describe the advanced type of racemose Inflorescence.
13. What is zoophily? Mention 4 kinds of zoophily with examples.
14. Mention the economic importance of Fabaceae.
15. Give a brief of account of the types of monocentric chromosomes
on the basis of position of centromere.
16. List out the differences between DNA and RNA
17. Write briefly on classification of Xerophytes.
18. What are mutations? Explain the types of mutations


Answer any two questions. 2 x 8 = 16
19. Describe various types of sub-areial stem modifications.
20. Describe the various types of ovules with suitable examples.
21. Give an account of organization of tissues in a dicot root as
viewed in transverse section.

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