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Jr Inter Maths Model Questions for AP Students

Following are model question for the Junior Intermediate Mathematics Paper 1 (B). The duration of the IPE exam in Mathematics is three hours and maximum marks are 75. These are some sample questions. You can find more resources in the menu / categories sections.

1) Transform the equation 3x+4y+12 = 0 into normal form.

2) Find the intercepts of the plane 4x+3y-2z+ 2 = 0 on the coordinate axes.

3) Check the continuity of f(x) = sinx on R.

4) Prove that the medians of a triangle are concurrent.

5) A man 6ft. high walks at a uniform rate of 4 miles per hour away from a lamp post 20 ft. high. Find the rate at which the length of his shadow increases considering that 1 mile =
5280 ft.

6) Find the in-centre of the triangle formed by the lines x-3y+5 = 0, x-y+1 = 0, x+y-7 = 0.

There are plenty of resources for Intermediate students on this website. You can get model question papers, previous papers and practice material for various topics.

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