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Jr. Inter Civics Paper 1 Model Paper

Note: I. Answer any THREE of the following questions. 3 × 10 = 30
1. Define political science and explain its scope.
2. Explain the meaning and features of Sovereignty.
3. What are the features of Federation? Estimate its merits and
4. Explain the basic principles of Gandhism
5. Discuss the functions of the legislature?
II. Answer any EIGHT of the following questions. 8 × 5 = 40
6. Explain the characteristics of Nationality.
7. Explain the differences between State and Government.
8. Mention the kinds of Liberty?
9. Give a critical analysis of Marxism?
10. Explain evaluate the concept of secular state.
11. What are the basic principles of welfare state.
12. Describe civil rights.
13. Evaluate the features of democracy.
14. Explain different kinds of justice.
15. What is Unitary Government? List out its merits and demerits.
16. Explain judiciary and its functions?
17. Explain the meaning and emergence of public opinion.
III. Answer any FIFTEEN of the following questions. 15 x 2 = 30
18. Define political science.
19. What is meant by sociology.
20. Definition of state.
21. Meaning and definition of Nation and Nationality.
22. What is Dejure. De Facto Sovereignty.
23. Give two definitions of Sovereignty.
24. Secular Sate.
25. Define rights.
26. The theory of Surplus Value.
27. Class Struggle.
28. Non-Violence.
29. Explain moral rights with examples.
30. Indirect Democracy.
31. Explain any two features of a rigid constitution.
32. Recall
33. Theory of Separation of Power.
34. Rule of Law
35. What are the organs of government.
36. Pressure groups.
37. Definition of public opinion.

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