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Job Opportunities for Electronics Diploma Students

Srikanth from Chennai says... The website is so useful for many of us and thanks to one and all who contribute to the website. I need a small help. I want to know the job opportunities and opening dates of the exam for which a diploma in electronics students would be eligible. I need info on the job opportunities for candidates who completed their 3 years diploma in electronics and communications. If any articles have been published on the topic please send me the info.

Answer: Srikanth, many of the jobs at entry level in small and medium size IT and Software companies recruit diploma candidates. Candidates require post specific skill sets along with excellent communication skills in verbal and written forms.

We do publish articles that guide you sail through the job efforts. Job sites such as naukri, monster etc would give a listing of the opportunities. Again you will find more opportunities there for B.Tech Graduates. Also regularly track newspaper opportunities columns for job listings in various companies. All the best!

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