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JNU New Delhi-Schools and Centers of Studies

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi is the most prestigious university in India. The University has gained international reputation for its standards of faculty, curriculum, research, intellectual capital, infrastructure and facilities for it's students. The JNU has exclusive centers of study and research in various advanced and conventional disciplines. JNU offer M.Phil, Ph.D, Pre-Ph.D., M.Tech, MCH, MA, M.Sc, MCA, BA (Hons.) and Part Time Programmes in the disciplines of Arts, Social sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Languages and International Studies. Following are the important Schools and centers of JNU:

1. School of Life Sciences
2. School of International Studies
3. School of Biotechnology
4. School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
5. School of Environmental Sciences
6. School of Physical Sciences
7. School of Social Sciences
8. School of Information Technology
9. School of Computer and Systems Sciences
10. Centre for Molecular Medicine
11. School of Arts and Aesthetics
12. Centre for Sanskrit Studies
13. Centre for the Study of Law and Governance

Grade and Grade Points of JNU: Following are the Grade points JNU allocate for the candidates based on their performance. There will be rounding off of grade points. Those failed in the course have to repeat that course or should clear another course in lieu thereof.

Grade - Grade Point
A+ = 9
A = 8
A- = 7
B+ = 6
B = 5
B- = 4
C+ = 3
C = 2
C- = 1
F = Fail

JNU offer wide variety of programmes in all the disciplines. Admission to all the programmes will be based on the entrance examinations conducted by the University every year during March - April. Admission notification will announced usually during January. JNU offer number of fellowships and scholarships for the deserved candidates. Excellent hostel facilities, peaceful academic environment and well guided administration are the salient features of JN University. More details of the courses offered by various schools can be obtained from .

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