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JNU – Hindi, Urdu, Tamil Languages Admissions

Centre of Indian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University (, New Delhi is a specialized center for the study and research in Indian Languages. The center is offering Post Graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes in Indian Languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Tamil etc. It is also offering advanced diploma programmes in Hindi Translation, Mass Media in Urdu and Certificate of Proficiency in Urdu course. Following are details of programmes, eligibility, selection, previous question papers and application procedure:

1) M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. in Hindi
2) M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. in Urdu
3) M.Phil and Ph.D. in Tamil
4) M.Phil and Ph.D. in Hindi Translation
5) Advanced Diploma in Mass Media in Urdu (Part - Time Course)
6) Certificate of Proficiency in Urdu (Part - Time Course)

The Centre of Indian Languages is a research oriented centre for higher studies. It promotes inter - disciplinary research and comparative perspective of literary studies. Apart from students, the center also involves faculty in comparative and integrated research. M.A. courses are focused on History of language and literature, Indian and Western literary theories, literary texts and their aesthetic and sociological appreciations. Admissions in JNU will be through national level Entrance Exams. Following are details of courses:

1) M.A. in Hindi and M.A. in Urdu: Duration of each programme is four semesters / two years. Total credits for each programme is 64.

2) M.Phil / Ph.D. programme in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Hindi Translation: Both M.Phil and Ph.D programmes consist of course work and a dissertation for M.Phil and a full fledged thesis for Ph.D. programme.

3) Advanced Diploma (ADOP) in Mass Media in Urdu: This is a part-time evening programme. The programme consists of two courses. These are Prose Styles, Script Writing for TV, Radio, Journalism, Film and News Papers, Translation and Editing / Vetting.

4) Certificate of Proficiency(COP) in Urdu: This is also a part-time evening programme consists of two semesters. The course is basically intended for beginners. The programme includes contents such as script, grammatical skills and basic vocabulary.

5) Optional and Tool courses in Hindi and Urdu: The Centre of Indian Languages of JNU offers service courses in Hindi and Urdu for the students of other centers of studies of JNU, New Delhi. The courses provide basic knowledge of the language. Tool course is an elementary language programme aimed at the beginners. Duration is two semesters.

6) Short term courses for Foreign students: Apart from Indian students, the Centre of Indian Languages also offer short-term courses for foreign students. Duration of the programmes varies from six months to one year. The courses basically covers grammatical skills, knowledge of culture of respective language, language proficiency and literary appreciation.

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