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JNTU – B.Tech Opearing Systems Bits

1. Dynamic linking is particularly useful for _____
2. ____ must be brought (from disk) into memory and placed within a process for it to be run
3. Swapper that deals with pages is a _____
4. ____ and registers are only storage CPU can access directly
5. _____ address is generated by the CPU
6. Logical address is also called as ____ address
7. logical (virtual) and physical addresses differ in ____ time address-binding scheme
8. _____ sits between main memory and CPU registers
9. ____ never swaps a page into memory unless page will be needed
10. If a process is busy in swapping pages in and out than doing the actual is called DOWN
11. Address binding of instructions and data to memory addresses can happen at _____ different stages
12. _____ address is generated by the CPU
13. this register contains the starting physical address where the segments reside in memory
14. Logical and physical addresses are the same in _____ and load-time address-binding schemes;
15. MMU is the hardware device that maps virtual to ____ address
16. Routine is not loaded until it is called.This concept is called as _____ loading
17. Logical address consists of a two tuple:segment-number and ____
18. Replace page that will not be used for longest period of is used in ____ algorithm.

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