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Is NIBM Chennai Degree Valuable

At the preliminary look at NIBM, it is basically an independent Institute and no mention of any accreditation. I am not sure of the distance education and the effectiveness for you as you did not mention about your education and experience. If you notice we have ISB which is also an independent Institute. However, the acceptance of ISB course to companies are much more than the certificate, reason being the excellence in education is provided by the sheer ability of the faculty, promoters who created business world. You need to understand the Ability of the faculty, placement record, teaching methodology, Industry interface before choosing any MBA. I would advise you to review some of the other Distance Education programs which are well established and providing contact classes with good quality faculty.

M.Phil. in HRM after MBA

Question: I am an MBA graduate from Osmania University in 2005. I have no working experience. I want to do M.Phil. in HRM or Business Management. I prefer distance or online. Could you please provide me the details about M.Phil. in HRM or Business Management.

Answer: Since you did not have the working experience and you wanted to do M.Phil. which is generally full-time to pursue. Any M.Phil. and Ph.D. done distance or online has no meaning and proved to be below standard and UGC has clearly mentioned that the open universities would not offer any such courses. However, I would suggest you can get into some teaching assignment part-time and pursue with OU or any other universities which are offering the same.

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