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Integrated Courses in Nanotechnology- Ph.D. Chemistry in Part-time

Question: I am doing my Intermediate Second Year (M.P.C). I want to do Integrated Course in Nanotechnology. Please give courses and institutes information regarding this?

Answer: Nanotechnology is a newly born discipline in India as far as the courses are concerned. The major courses are available in the M.Tech level. Some other courses are also available in different educational level. Institute addresses are provided below for details inquiry:
1. Amity Institute of Nanotechnology - India, Amity Campus, Noida.
2. Nano Science and Technology Consortium, Noida
3. National Physical Laboratory in Delhi
4. Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore
5. Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore
6. Solid State Physics Laboratory in Delhi
7. Indian Institutes of Technology
8. National Chemical Laboratory in Pune
9. Central Scientific Instruments Organization in Chandigarh

Ph.D. Chemistry in Distance or Part-time:

Question: I am Studying M.Sc (Chemistry) in distance mode from Acharya Nagarjuna University. Am I eligible for Government jobs? I am interested to do Ph.D. in Distance or Part-time along with job. Please suggest suitable jobs and further education chances for me.

Answer: Every Govt. job is having their own conditions but in general you can apply for Govt. jobs after finishing your Masters in distance mode of education. Suggesting a suitable Govt. institute from where you can do a Ph.D is not much easy. You have to search and proceed by yourself. But if the job is related to education or academics then there are several schemes of Govt. which helps the individual to pursue further degree. Similarly for lecturers of Govt. colleges affiliated by AICTE there are certain schemes which help the respective person to pursue a doctoral degree further.

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