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Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering

A student pursuing M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology in SASTRA University, Tamilnadu like to know about opportunities in the concerned field for this upcoming subject. To be simple, this is a course one should approach with cautious approach. Industrial Biotechnology is better as far as job market is concerned. But the situation of Biotech industry in India is more or less same and growing on a snails pace. For that matter, whatever may the subject in life sciences, the scope is not so wide. But if you want to pursue higher studies like M.S. or PhD, then this subject is good. Normally with B.Tech or M.Sc in any discipline of Biotech, one will not get a decent job. You might end up with a project assistant career where growth is very slow. I wish to suggest you to go up to PhD in Biotech for a better and safe job. In fact many companies are looking for good PhDs in Biotech.

Environmental Engineering after B.Tech ECE

This might be looking as a strange career option. But there are students and parents who like to take chances considering changing interests and career priorities. Here is a small hint on this thought. ECE is a very good subject in Engineering and no issues with that. It is always better to stick to the core subject only when it is ECE. If you are staunchly made up your mind to go for Environmental Engineering, you must look at chances in abroad as there are very limited opportunities in India. We are lagging behind in infrastructure and experienced faculty in this specialization. Usually, most of the B. Tech / B.E. Civil Engineering students will go for Environmental Engineering in MS program at abroad. This is a job oriented course and the professionals will be involved in water treatment plants, waste management programs etc.

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