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Indian Scholarships to Study Abroad

Dream of studying abroad can not be stopped if you are not able to crack a fellowship offered by foreign agencies and foundations such as Ford, Commonwealth, and Fulbright etc. There are so many Indian organizations offering scholarships and financial aid for talented students to realize their foreign education dreams. Corporate companies like Tata, Mahindra, ITC, Birla etc. are offering study abroad fellowships for candidates with good academic record. You should have successfully admitted in an accredited foreign educational institution to apply for most of these scholarships. Some foundations offer fellowships for identified disciplines and subjects. Professional courses like Engineering and Management are the priority disciplines for most of the foundations.

Indian Foundations and Trusts screen candidates at various stages. You need to complete formalities like references, research proposals, statement of purpose along with visa and passport requirements. Some foundations offer full assistance and some others grand aid towards tuition fee and important academic expenses only. Most of the organizations send the aid directly to the institution concerned. Following are some of the famous scholarships offered by Indian Foundations and some other in partnership with Indian trusts. Meritorious students from disadvantaged sections of society are encouraged by most of the foundations.

1. DFID Shared Scholarship. Website:
2. JN Tata Endowment Loan scholarship. Website:
3. Lady Meherbhai D Tata Scholarships. Email:
4. UKIERI Doctoral Scholarship for Research in identified areas of specialization. Visit for more details.
5. KC Mahindra Loan Scholarship (
6. ITC Overseas scholarships. Address: ITC Centre, 37, Chowringhee, Calcutta
7. HSBC Scholarships. Web:
8. Debesh - Kamal Scholarships for Higher Education / Research Abroad. Address: Ramkrishna Mission, Golpark, Calcutta.
9. Mariwala Trust Loan Scholarship. Address: Kanmoor House , 281/87, Narsi Natha Street, Mumbai.

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5 thoughts on “Indian Scholarships to Study Abroad

    1. admin

      There are plenty of Govt. and Private Scholarships available for Engineering Graduates provided you have good academic record and percentage in Engineering. Check the 'Scholarships' section for various scholarships.

  1. Snigdha

    I've just completed my B.A. in Eng. Hons. and have enrolled for and have been successfully accepted at City University London for MA in International Journalism. If you know of any scholarships that i can apply for please let me know, it would really help!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. admin

      Hi Snigdha, Congratulations for successful enrollment in a good university and demanding course. Most of the scholarships will depend on your score in IELTS. Also check for internal sources of financial assistance from the University through merit in academics. Wish you all the best!

  2. Snigdha


    Well thats the thing, they didnt ask me for an IELTS score, and i scoured the city uni website but they dont have anything this year so if there is anything HERE, in india then please tell me wat to do! i have been searching but its taking a long time, so if anything strikes u pls do let me know. Thank you!!


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