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Improve Vocabulary and English reading

Learning is an indefinite activity. One must be keen on practicing everyday without fail. There are plenty of smart ways to improve your English reading skills and vocabulary. At the same time there are no short cuts as well. Keep reading something regularly. You can read children’s books and simplified readers of Penguin. Reading newspapers, magazines, articles on internet, novels and many more can help you in upgrading your language skills. Following are much more smart tips:

1. Start with reading that interests you. You can learn better when you are having fun with reading.
2. You should learn new words and at the same time should be able to understand what you are reading. If you are trying to looking up at each and every word, the reading will be too difficult.
3. Review each story you read at the end. Ask yourself who, what, where, when, why, for each story. You can apply this for any type of reading. This is very helpful when you have no comprehension questions to answer. You can write, articulate or speak your answer.
4. Creating a scheme that combines all four areas of study can produce best results. Allow one type of study and practice to lead to another activity. For instance, read a story and then converse about it with a family member or friend. Watch a movie and next write about it.

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