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IIT JEE 2012 Model Papers with Key for Download

We are giving here IIT JEE Model Paper - 1 for JEE 2012 aspirants. Candidates can download this paper by saving the file. This is a complete model paper with key and answers. Here we are giving some model questions from the question paper. Candidates can get the model paper from the link given at the end of these questions. You can also practice previous years papers of IIT JEE and AIEEE to get good score.

1) Adsorption of gases on solids is accompanied with
A) increase in enthalpy B) increase in entropy C) decrease in entropy D) increase in free energy

2) Which of the following is more reactive than benzene towards electrophilic aromatic substitution?
A) pyrrole B) ferrocene C) pyridine D) nitrobenzene

3) A particle is projected obliquely at a height h = 750m with a speed v = 70m/s. The maximum range of the projectile on reaching the ground is
A) 500m B) 1000m C) 750m D) 1200m

4) A light pattern consisting of successive bright and dark bands is seen on the screen below the ripple tank (completely transparent tank). This is due to
A) the crest of the water waves behaves as a convex lens and trough as concave lens
B) absorption of light at select places in the water
C) air flow near the water surface
D) interference of waves

5) A ring, Disc, Solid sphere and hollow sphere each of mass m and different radius start together from rest at top of inclined plane and roll down without slipping.
A) All will reach the bottom of incline together
B) Body with maximum radii will reach bottom first
C) They will reach in order solid sphere, disc, hollow sphere and ring.
D) All of them will have same kinetic energy at the bottom of incline.

6) Standing waves can be produced
A) When two identical waves with a phase difference of are moving in the opposite direction in a long wire.
B) On a string clamped at both the ends.
C) On a string clamped at one end free at the other.
D) When incident wave gets reflected from a wall

7) A body of mass M was slowly hauled up the rough hill by a force F which at each point was directed along a tangent to the hill. Work done by the force
A) is independent of shape of trajectory
B) depends upon the vertical component of displacement but is independent of horizontal component
C) depends upon both the component
D) does not depend upon coefficient of friction.

Download Full Version of IIT JEE 2012 Model Paper with Key

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