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IIT JEE 2012 Key Statistics of the Exam

IITs are estimating that more than 5 lakh candidates are likely to sit for the upcoming IIT - Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) 2012. The 15 Indian Institutes of Technology offer admission to Engineering courses based on IIT JEE. The JEE known for its standards and accuracy. Engineering aspirants consider IIT JEE as the toughest exam hence IITs are recognized as dream institutions fo engineering in India. It is estimated that the number of JEE aspirants is up by 16,000 from the previous year (2011) when 4.86 lakh Class XII students have appeared for the exam. In 2010, about 4.56 lakh candidates took the exam. JEE 2012 is going to be held on April 8, 2012 and this will probably be the last JEE as the Government is proposing to introduce new all India level entrance test for Engineering.

IITs are in the process of scrutinizing applications and the final number of the applied candidates is estimated to between 4.75 lakh and 5.02 lakh. But, if you compare the growth of the applicants in the recent past, JEE 2012 has seen the slight increase in applications. And the number is more stabilizing after the sudden jump in the applications when the eight new IITs started recently. Karnataka zone is registering rise is applications for IIT JEE in the recent past. The Bombay zone which consists of Rajasthan, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and north of Karnataka have also topped the applications list. Kanpur and Madras zone are following them .

Andhra Pradesh, comes under Madras zone has the largest number of coaching centers and the state of AP has contributed a lot to increase the number of JEE applications as well. It is estimated this year that the number of female candidates also will increase this year. IITs are not collecting any application fee for girls from last year resulting in a slight increase in applications. There is no change in the IIT JEE pattern for 2012 examination.

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