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IIM Admissions – Weightage for Academics and Work Experience in Final Selection – Part 2

IIMs follow independent admission process for PGDM programmes. CAT score is used by all IIMs for initial screening. But there is variation in the weightage given to CAT for short listing the candidates for next stage i.e., Group Discussions and Interviews. Several IIMs also give weightage for academics and work experience in short listing the candidates. See these details below:

Weight for Academics and Work Experience in Final Selection:

1) 4 IIMs – 0 percent (IIM Ahmedabad, Indore, Shillong, Rohtak)
2) 3 IIMs – 7-8 percent (IIM Calcutta, Lucknow, Kashipur)
3) 5 IIMs – 11-15 percent (IIM Kozhikode, Ranchi, Raipur, Trichy, Udaipur)
4) Only IIM Bangalore gives 47.62% weight to academics & work-ex in final selection

It can be seen very clearly, that except for IIMB, the maximum weight for workex+acads in final selection is only 15%, with 4 IIMs pegging it at 0%. The remaining weight is for CAT Score + performance in GD / Essay / PI.

It means that once the student has been shortlisted for the interview, the students chances of selection depend mostly on controllable factors - CAT Exam, GD/Essay/PI performance - which one can definitely improve on, with preparation.

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