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IIIT Bangalore Tuition Fee and Scholarships for M.Tech and Ph.D.

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) is one of the best technical training institute in the country. The institute offer highly qualitative and innovative technology programmes at the levels of M.Tech, Integrated M.Tech, MS by Research and Ph.D. IIIT Bangalore offer excellent fellowships and scholarships for meritorious candidates. Though the tuition fee for various programmes are a bit high, IIIT offer financial aid and scholarships to the worth of tuition fee and other expenses. Here are the details of fee for M.Tech, Ph.D, Integrated M.Tech and other programmes.

1) Integrated M.Tech. : Rs. 75,000/- per semester
2) M.Tech. : Rs. 60,000/- per semester plus Rs 30000/- for the summer semester
3) MS by Research: Rs. 60,000/- per semester (Payable only for the first 3 semesters)
4) Ph.D: Rs. 60,000/- per semester (Payable only for the first 3 semesters)

The IIITB fees will revise the tuition fee every two years. All the students admitted in M.Tech, MS and Ph.D programmes should pay the fees that are in force at the time of admission. Residential students have to pay Rs. 3000 towards hostel rent per month and
approximately another Rs. 3000 per month for food expenses.

Bank Loans: Most of the M.Tech. and Integrated M.Tech. students will receive bank loans to cover all their costs including tuition fee, hostel and food expenses etc. About 25 percent of the admitted students are eligible for merit-based and industry-sponsored scholarships. The meritorious candidates also receive teaching assistantship opportunities. The institute also provide financial incentive to the senior M.Tech. students based on their academic performances in the first year. Sponsored candidates have to bear all types of expenses on their own.

All the admitted students in full time Ph.D. program will be offered financial support covering tuition fee and they also will get a stipend of Rs. 25000 per month. Funding for Ph.D. students comes from reputed companies such as HP, IBM, Intel, Infosys, Motorola, Siemens, and other companies. The IIIT Bangalore also offer Industry Funded Scholarships for about 15 students out of total 150 students on the basis of merit. The selection for these industry funded scholarships will be done by the industry representatives along with IIITB faculty. Scholarship sponsors include ABB, Siemens, Infosys, Huawei and SocGen. IIITB is also planning to extended these scholarship schemes for Integrated M.Tech. students in the future.

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