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IEEE Projects after B.Tech EEE

Question: I am a project co-ordinator in a small institute in Chennai. I have completed B.Tech in 2012 with 65% marks in EEE branch. But I want to develop all IEEE projects in java web technologies. I have knowledge in c, c++, java please give an idea to learn that project developing.
- Gopala Krishna, Coimbatore

Answer: There are no projects called IEEE projects. Training institutes misguide you. IEEE papers are conceptual; papers based on research work done by research scholars. IEEE project refers to a published paper being implemented to understand how the concept proposed can be made to work.

To understand a research paper, first read the abstract and understand it completely. Then read the results to understand how he author has solved the proposed problem. The you may get an idea of the concept dealt in the paper. Then go through the paper to find out how the author ahs solved the problem.

Develop algorithm in a similar way and then program it in the language you are comfortable with. This requires a good understanding of the subject. For most of the papers in EEE branch, MATLAB is a better tool than C or C++ .

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