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Ideas for learning English with fun and joy

Anything you learn with fun and joy will be more durable. Learning English should not be a practice with toiling efforts and sleepless nights. There are smart ways to learn. You can create an atmosphere that gives you fun along with learning. Here are a few tips which can help you in learning English with much more interest and joy. Don’t stop with just reading them. Try to put everything in practice to realize the real value.

1. Observe an English only evening once or twice a week. Speak only in English and watch English movies only at that time. Also rewrite your conversation in English.
2. Try to write an English love letter. It will be even better if your fiancée or loved one doesn't understand English.
3. Practice writing English limericks. These are superb and very simple for writing, articulation, pronunciation and rhythm practice.
4. Watch or read fairy tales and rewrite them. You can do this with respect to jokes or instructions in English.
5. Go out to a park or multiplex pretending that you don't understand your native language. Just try to converse in English only.
6. Search on the web for lyrics of your favorite English songs and sing along.
7. Converse to yourself in English whenever possible.
8. Just go around the house and try to label everything (clothes, furniture, utensils etc.) in English. Find the words you don’t know and practice them.

Following are some tips to make your homework more fruitful and result oriented:

1. Keep everything organized. Keep separate notebooks for exercises, writing, spelling and vocabulary.
2. Always use a pen that you love. Don’t read for lengthy hours as that will hamper your attention levels. Try to study at short and regular periods.
3. After reading, allot a short amount of time for review.
4. Read in a place where you feel comfortable. Stay away from email, television and telephone (unless you speak in English), while you are reading.
5. Keep a snack handy so that you need not get up for that.
6. If you study in groups along with your classmates or friends, implement an English-only rule.

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