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IBPS Specialist Officers – IT Officers Model Questions and Syllabus

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Board (IBPS) conducts Specialist Officers Examination (SO Exam) to recruit candidates for specialist posts in the disciplines of IT Officers, Marketing officers, Agriculture Officers, Law Officers, Rajbhasha Adhikaris, Finance and Accounts Officers etc. The question paper consists of a section called Professional Knowledge which deals with testing the understanding of the candidates in the specialized areas. Here we are giving details of syllabus, previous and model questions for IT Officers paper, which is also known as Professional knowledge.

IT Officers Paper IBPS - SO Examination: The candidates who chosen for IT Officers posts will have to appear for IT Officers section of the exam. This paper will have questions at the Undergraduate standard of the subject. Candidates should thoroughly prepare the syllabus given at the UG (B.Tech / BE / BCA etc) level as there is no prescribed syllabus for this paper / section.

Following are some model questions with answers on professional knowledge - IT Officers section:

1. Internet Protocol Version 4, Consists of how many bits?
A: 32 bits
2. A computer virus is a software program which has the essential ability to-
A: Clone itself
3. What is the short cut for opening Task Manager?
A: Ctrl + Alt + Del
4. A ....... is approximately equal to one billion bytes.
A: Gigabyte
5. Which operations are not performed by Computer?
A: Understanding
6. ....... is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.
A: Software
7. What is the capacity of a standard 3.5'' floppy disk?
A: 1.44 MB
8. Which type of memory gets lost when you switch off?
Ans: RAM
9. Which type of network would use phone lines?
Ans: WAN
10. Speakers / Headphones are ____ devices.
Ans: Output
11. A program for viewing web pages is called as-
Ans: Browser
12. A computer can perform-
Ans: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication
13. CD's or DVD's are which type of devices?
Ans: Storage

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