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How to learn pronunciation and speaking

Speaking and pronunciation are essential are ingredients of learning any language. These are much sought after skills in learning English. Here are a few tips to speak English with correct pronunciation. Talking to your-self will be the first important technique. Talk about anything and everything you like to. You can practice this at your home itself and also at places wherever you find privacy. If you are not comfortable with this in initial days, try reading out loud until you feel contented hearing your own voice in English. Here are some more tips for you.

1. Take a small audio recorder and record your voice. This might be very uncomfortable. But this will help you a lot in finding weak points in your pronunciation. Listen to yourself a few days later to find the sounds you have difficulty hearing.

2. Keep using telephone / Mobile for conversation. Participating in class and learning common idioms also will help you.

3. Try to understand the sounds that your language does not have in practice. For instance, some languages don't have the ‘r’ sound. These types of sounds require more practice.

4. Practicing tongue -twisters can be worthy idea. Avoid using a translation dictionary or electronic dictionary. Always have an English-English dictionary nearby. Think of your English- English dictionary as your helping hand. Use online dictionaries when you are using the Internet.

5. Record vocabulary in a personal dictionary and review this every night before going to bed. Write a sample sentence for yourself. Don’t use the one from the dictionary.

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