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How to do Ph.D. Biotechnology in USA

Here is an interesting question from a reader – cum- student. The question goes like this: ‘I have completed My M. Sc in Biotechnology from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. I would like to do Ph.D. in USA. Is my Educational Qualification sufficient? If not sufficient, what other Degrees do I need to attain and if sufficient what tests do I need to take whether GRE (General) OR GRE (Subject) OR TOEFL, or all of them. Please Guide me through the process of earning a PhD in USA.

Well, this appears to be a genuine doubt for average students from any sub or semi urban areas. The qualification of M.Sc. Biotechnology is sufficient for admission to Ph.D. in Biotechnology. As your target is to move to USA for Ph.D., you need to appear for GRE (General) and TOEFL. Then you have to select the universities / institutions based on your score in GRE and TOEFL.
Admissions in USA are generally held in two sessions. They are Fall and Spring Sessions. Many universities are offering Ph.D. in biotechnology and allied sciences in USA. Biotechnology as such is a highly generalized subject and you need to narrow down your specialization in order to become more focused.

Ph.D. in US is highly challenging and more practical oriented. You must get sufficient hands on experience in all the latest equipment usage, methodologies, literature etc., Mostly you will have work independently under a guide / supervisor with very little assistance unlike India. All the above suggestions will help you to take up Ph.D. in US before going for foreign studies.

Details of GRE and TOEFL can be obtained from the websites and

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3 thoughts on “How to do Ph.D. Biotechnology in USA

  1. Sayani Mukherjee

    I have just completed my MSc in Biotechnology from Dr. D.Y. Patil University. Can you enlist a few good universities in USA for cancer research?

    1. admin

      May not possible as MBBS is a Graduate degree. You must have Post Graduation to be eligible to pursue research courses like Ph.D. in Medicine.


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