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Good Alternative Courses to MBBS

A concerned father enquired: ‘My daughter is studying Inter (Bi.P.C.). She likes to join in Medicine. If she does not get medicine seat, what are the good alternative courses for her? Please suggest good colleges for further studies in Hyderabad?’

The other options which can be considered are given below: 1. Veterinary science 2. B.D.S 3. B.H.M.S 4. Agricultural Sciences 5. B. Pharmacy . Any one of these can be considered as alternate to medicine. Regarding Veterinary Science, from future research point of view is quite fetching career. Future prospect of agricultural sciences in a country like India is very good and prosperous. B. Pharmacy can be considered looking the jobs available in the pharmaceutical industry and further research opportunities. In summary if your daughter gets admission in MBBS she is lucky if not she is very lucky as opportunities after Inter (BIPC) are many more.

What to do after B.Sc. Biotechnology:

A student of Biotechnology asked: ‘I am studying final year B. Sc Biotechnology. I don't have any idea for further studies. Please send me complete details for what are the ways and what I can do after B.Sc Biotech. Where I can get opportunities related to Biotechnology?

There are two options open for you, continuing with further studies with Master and followed by Ph.D with one of the subjects mentioned below. Genetics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics. The other option is changing the track and move out for a M.B.A. If you would like to pursue your career with Biotechnology then you better to go for further studies. As per as the job opportunities are concerned Biotech industry is presently in a stall in India and requirement wise highly qualified and skilled persons are only entertained. So considering this practical fact it’s better to pursue further academics.

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  1. bhaskar reddy

    Dear Sir/ madam

    My Friend is studying Inter (Bi.P.C.). he written the EAMCET to join in Medicine(rank.25,000). If he does not get medicine seat, what are the good alternative courses for him? Please suggest good colleges for further studies in ap?’


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