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GMAT for B-School Admissions in Abroad

GMAT is a standardized test of evaluation, delivered in English that helps B-Schools in the world to assess the qualifications of candidates for higher studies in business and management subjects. By taking the GMAT examination, students will have a fair chance of being targeted by business and management schools that are a good match for you and learning more about their programs on offer and admission processes. Students can help them find you by creating a profile on and opting in to being contacted by B-schools across the world. Business Schools use the GMAT test as one measure of academic performance in an MBA program or in other graduate management programs. Over 1900 graduate business and management schools across the countries use GMAT scores as a part their admissions process. GMAT test consists of four separately timed sections.

Format and Timing of GMAT: The GMAT exam consists of three main parts. these are 1. The Analytical Writing Assessment 2. The Quantitative section 3. The Verbal section. Candidates will have three and a half hours in which to take the GMAT exam, but should plan for a total time of approximately four hours.

1. Analytical Writing Assessment: The GMAT exam starts with the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). The AWA test consists of two separate writing tasks — Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument. Candidates are given 30 minutes to complete each task.

2. Quantitative Section: Following an optional break, candidate then begin with the Quantitative Section of the GMAT examination. This section contains 37 multiple-choice objective type questions of two types. These are ... Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. Candidates are allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the entire section.

3. Verbal Section: Now comes the Verbal Section of the GMAT examination. This section contains 41 multiple choice objective type questions. These are of three question types, namely... Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. Candidates are allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the this section.

Computer-Adaptive Format: Each of the first two sections of GMAT consists of an analytical writing task. The remaining two sections... that are Quantitative and Verbal sections, consists of objective multiple - choice questions. These questions are delivered in a computer-adaptive format. Questions in these sections are dynamically selected as candidate take the test. The objective multiple choice type questions will adjust to candidate's ability level and the test will be unique.

Test Fee: US $ 250
Useful Books: Princeton Review- Cracking the GMAT, Kaplan GMAT GMAT Review
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