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Getting Job after MBA Finance and Marketing

If you have studied your MBA in Finance as major and Marketing as minor specializations, here is the strategy to get a placement. There are certain pre job search exercises you need to take care of before applying to any company. I would suggest that you brush up your fundamentals before even attempting to approach the companies. Companies can only test on the subject and for good attitude for your first job.

If your focus is on Finance- identify the various financial organizations and the areas of business where you can be a better fit based on your interest and subject knowledge. Ideally you should focus on a job or assignment and which can provide you with lots of hands on exposure… courses unless these add practical value can be avoided. Plan to ask for any individual assignments by approaching the known companies or companies you identified. Make a list of people in the similar field and acquire knowledge about the challenges and information that you need to update yourself. Approach the companies as suggested in the other answer.

Job sites for companies:

Following are some job sites that can help you in finding a suitable job. There are many job sites available you can apply in today’s times… but if you notice 99.9 percent of the students send their profiles through these sites instead of identifying new avenues to explore. Apart from applying to the above job sites, the .01 % of people do things differently by looking at the Industry Association sites and understand the companies that they want to apply. For Software organizations you can review (http://www. companysearch. ), Industries ( and similarly there are many specific industries have their association websites… please go through the same and identify the companies you may be interested and check for the postings (sometime they may have older postings, but check by called for current). Or look for specific HR companies who would need the resources continuously.

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