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GATE Instrumentation – Previous Question Papers

Here we are giving GATE - Instrumentation Engineering previous question papers for the benefit of Engineering graduates. Candidates can download these question papers. GATE is an entrance exam conducted by IITs for admission into M.Tech, Integrated Research programmes and GATE scores are also accepted by NITs and several reputed private technical institutions. Following are some model questions and given below it are previous papers.

1) In a pulsed ultrasound imaging system, a single 5 MHz crystal is used both as source and as detector. Bursts of at least 20 cycles are needed for acceptable image quality. The velocity of sound in the tissue being imaged is 1500 m/s . The minimum distance of the objects to be imaged should be
A) 12 mm B) 6 mm C) 3 mm D) 1 mm.

2) Consider a system consisting of a microprocessor, memory, and peripheral devices connected by a common bus. During DMA data transfer, the microprocessor
A) only reads from the bus
B) only writes to the bus
C) both reads from and writes to the bus
D) neither reads from nor writes to the bus

3) A screening test is carried to detect a certain disease. It is found that 12 percent of the positive reports and 15 percent of the negative reports are incorrect. Assuming that the probability of a person getting a positive report is 0.01, the probability that a person tested gets an incorrect report is
A) 0.0027 B) 0.0173
C) 0.1497 D) 0.2100

4) A standard three lead frontal plane ECG is taken of a person with a normal heart. The peak amplitude of the R-wave is
A) greatest in lead I
B) greatest in lead II
C) greatest in lead III
D) equal in all the leads

5) The binary representation of the decimal number 1.375 is
A) 1.111 B) 1.010 C) 1.011 D) 1.001

GATE Instrumentation Previous Paper - 2007

GATE Instrumentation Previous Paper - 2008

GATE Instrumentation Previous Paper - 2009

GATE Instrumentation Previous Paper - 2010

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