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Flexible Inter Disciplinary Courses in South India

Candidates with Flexible Inter-disciplinary degrees are in more demand these days. Degrees with single specialization are losing their attraction with many universities and institutes are innovating new set of degrees. Interdisciplinary courses are all the trend today. Flexi courses that offer wide variety of subjects are scoring big with employers.

These courses have been started in many reputed colleges because of a demand from industry. These are job-oriented courses and also allow students to sharpen their skills according to the requirements of the companies. Flexible education is the trend global universities are following. Many of the Western Universities offer flexible courses and upgrade content regularly to suit industry requirements. Following are some of the institutes and flexible programs offered in South India:

1. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Tamilnadu: VIT University has elective courses consist of subjects from all branches of Engineering. Students can choose any two from these branches. There are also courses in Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Law and Foreign Languages.

2. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bangalore: MSRIT is offering six open elective subjects. These include important and emerging technology topics like Renewable Energy, Six Sigma and Automobile Technology.

3. HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore: This College allows students to move from one Branch to another. It also offers flexible courses in Soft Skills Training, Management and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Financial Management and Accounting.

4. Tumkur University: This has started 29 specialised research Centers of Excellence. The university offers Ph.D. Programs in these centers. A student with M. Sc. or M. Tech. Degree of any branch can study any course in this University. They have to attend for a foundation programme in the chosen subject.

5. The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore: IIIT Bangalore offers 30 elective subjects in various courses. These are mostly off-beat subjects targeted broadly at Technology education.

There are various benefits you can get from pursuing flexible courses. Technology is developing at a rapid pace. This development calls for interdisciplinary knowledge to excel in career. Students are expected to be job-ready when they graduate from professional colleges. They need to sharpen their communication and inter personal skills along with academic excellence. Students usually select a course that suits their career aspirations and needs. A flexible parallel course helps them pursue their area of interest along with satisfying career goals. It also adds variety and flavor to the Degree. Flexible courses can broaden knowledge base of the students in a particular discipline. Students can choose a course in relevant discipline that will help them excel in their own discipline.

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