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Excise Constables Written Test Key with Question Paper 2013

Here we are giving the question paper and key for the Excise Constables Written Examination held on 31st March 2013 in Andhra Pradesh. The complete question paper is available through the link provided below. The key is also available for question paper series A, B, C and D.

Here are some model questions from the original question paper. Answers to these and original question paper are available. The Prohibition and Excise Department may release the key soon. See questions below:

1. If the area of a circle decreases by 19%, then the percentage decrease in its radius is
a) 8% b) 9% c) 10% d) 19%

2. A leap year among the following is
a) 1900 b) 1800 c) 2000 d) 2014

3. Which sequence of letters does not fit with the others?
a) ACE b) GIK c) MOQ d) SVX

4. Which of the Following States is not a border State of Andhra Pradesh?
a) Chattisgarh b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Pondicherry d) Maharashtra

5. Semiconductor in the following list is
a) Silver b) Silicon c) Rubber d) Gold

Excise Constables Written Test - Question Paper 2013 Download

Excise Constables Exam Paper

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