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Engineering Services – ESE as a Career Option for B.Tech Graduates

Across generations and geographies throughout the nation, it is widely believed that career in Engineering is one of the most demanding option for bright students across the country. Mushrooming of hundreds engineering colleges and technical institutions in the recent past, along with presence of top ranked IITs, NITs and IIITs and reputed private colleges across the length and width of the country is a testimony to engineering being considered as the hottest career option. The filed has been on top among conventional and non conventional careers available to the students. This craving of students and their wards towards securing a seat in most celebrated engineering colleges indicates the popularity of post engineering career options. The same can be validated from the ever rising number of pre engineering test taking students aspiring to become future engineers.

Career Options available for Engineering Graduate:

Besides, the steep rise in number of engineering graduates churning out of these colleges there have been always plethora of career choices available for engineering graduates. There is no dearth of opportunities for aspirants after graduation in engineering. The career options (for engineers) can range from esteemed Indian Engineering Services (IES) or, jobs in Public Sector Units (PSU) offering diversified, challenging and stable career options, to research and development, teaching and Prestigious private sector lucrative jobs after Masters in respective discipline in engineering after qualifying Graduate aptitude test in engineering (GATE). Post engineering degree there are other options for engineers like Civil Services, State Engineering Services, MBA, Banking Sector, Defence Services, higher study abroad through GRE and GMAT. Other career options can be job in information technology sector. Among these choices Indian Engineering Services stands tall and distinguished.

Why IES a Distinguished Career Option For Bright Engineers:

Among all the career options available for engineers across domains, i.e. in private, public and government sectors still the best, prestigious and coveted career remains that of esteemed Indian Engineering Services (IES). Indian Engineering Services (IES) is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of all career options available for engineers. Out of approximately close to one Lakh of aspirant applying very year for prestigious engineering services exam, only a few hundreds of brightest, responsible, matured and capable engineers are recruited every year for these coveted positions.

Through Indian Engineering Services (IES) a candidate gets a career in most reputed government departments like Indian Railways, Military Engineering Services, Central Engineering Services, Telecommunication Department, Central Water Services and other esteemed departments.

In Indian Engineering Services (IES) services an Engineer gets an opportunity to handle technically challenging roles and tasks which have a direct bearing on the building up of infrastructure and services of our nation. The job is doubly- rewarding not only in terms of fulfillment and happiness achieved by serving one’s own people through technological innovations but also in terms of a high social status attached to Engineering Services. Briefly, Indian Engineering Services (IES) offers a highly satisfying career with a opportunity to make a technological impact on larger social strata, high social status and not to mention good compensation and benefits for family and dependents. These factors or parameters make it exclusive, distinguished and eminent career as compared to any private sector or information technology based jobs which are predominantly dependent on the volatile market conditions. Thus Indian Engineering Services (IES) remains incomparable, inimitable, unrivaled and unsurpassable in its scope of utilization of technical skills and creating a larger social impact thereby fulfilling the aspirations of the individual holistically.

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