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Engineering or B.Sc. – Costs and Career Comparison

Are you confused in choosing between Engineering and B.Sc.? Here is a brief description of various issues involved in this. Let us start with an example. A student joined in Engineering has to spend approximately 50,000 per annum including Govt fee and other miscellaneous. By the time of course completion the cost will be Rs.2.00 lakhs towards fees only. Mean time he has to prepare for GRE and TOFEL that cost another Rs. 25,000 to 30,000. After getting the admission into any know or unknown colleges in US he has to spend not less than 5 lakhs including first sem fee and air travel and other expenses. When the candidate come to the final stage of Post graduation at US the cost will be 7.5 lakhs to 8.0 laks rupees. If student wants to settle in India after graduation unless he/her from the premier institutes decent job with good salary can not be expected.

Where as for Graduation it may not cross one lakh and another one and half lakh for Post graduation (including fee + hostel + traval) The total cost will not be more than 2.5 lakhs by the time the candidate complete M.Sc. Many Govt Organizations like CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt India), Dept of Biotechnology Govt India, Indian Council of Medical Research offering Junior Research Fellows through entrance. Successful candidates will get around 12,000/- plus HRA in any R and D labs as per his/her choice. For bright students no expenditure is there from PG onwards. After completion of Doctoral Degree he will be absorbed in any company or in any R and D institute. In case candidate is interested he can go for Post doc in abroad where fellowship will be awarded. Later he can take up faculty or scientist position in any organization in India.

Engineering studies require more fees, in turn it provides better careers and opportunities too. Even in our Govt. system difference is present, salary for an Engg. Graduate is always more than an ordinary or Bachelor degree holder. This will be true in the case of an engineering student who comes out from Premier institute like IIT, Nit etc not from colleges where nothing is available.

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