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Engineering Aspirants: Revise these Topics

Engineering aspirants will have so much spare time after writing entrance examinations. They should utilize this time more fruitfully for their career. Apart from taking rest for a while, you need to concentrate on subjects you are going to study in Engineering. Revisions of topics in +2 or Intermediate group subjects will facilitate strengthen the knowledge. All the Engineering branches are originated from the basic sciences. One can easily enter into the Engineering subjects provided they have strong basics in the group subjects. Depending upon the course content of preferred university, read some of the topics of +2 / Intermediate Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Revision of topics required in Physics: Ray optics; Electricity and Magnetism; Atomic Physics; Heat and Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics. The extension of these topics are embedded in the general physics paper of 1st year Engineering. These are Current electricity and dielectric properties; Magnetism and magnetic properties atomic physics band theory and structure of materials are the care topics in the applied physics papers. Semiconductors devices and communication systems are the main topics in the Electronic Device Circuit paper.

Knowledge of semiconductors; diodes, transistor (npn, pnp) rectifiers and their characteristics are much useful in performing the experiments of EDC lab. Logic Gates (AND, OR, NAND gates) and truth tables are essential for all circuit related Engineering branches. Command on the Electricity and Magnetism promotes the understanding of tough paper 'Electromagnetic Field Theory'.

Solving the numerical problems of kinematics and dynamics improves the analytical capability. Most of the problems in these topics will surface in the Engineering Mechanics subject.

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