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Educational Opportunities After Plus 2 / Inter Commerce

Rohini is a bright student from her childhood. She used to impress her teachers with her sharpness in learning and creativity in handling challenges. She has always been very independent in her thinking. Her father is an Engineer and mother a Doctor. Rohini is a lucky child not to have parental pressure in choosing career options. She has developed liking for commerce and passed Intermediate in Commerce courses with distinction. While her friends are generally swayed away by Engineering and Medical courses, she is firm in pursuing options in the field of Commerce. The challenge she is now facing is unlike Engineering and Medical courses, there is not much of information available to her on the career options in Commerce. She firmly believes that every road is paved with gold and she would like to tread the Commerce path.

The questions bothering her now are – What kind of courses she can pursue in future after a successful Intermediate in Commerce stream? How to get into an Institute if she likes one? How long does it take for her to complete certain programs? What is the position she can achieve if she pursues a particular program? How rewarding is the career if she chooses a particular path? She broached the matter with some of her teachers and friends. To her disappointment, none of them provided valuable inputs and insights. There is vacuum.

The case of Rohini is not an isolated one. There are many bright students who suffer from the ‘information poverty’ at critical career stages and make uninformed and often wrong choices. In fact a career in Commerce is as lucrative as Engineering or Medicine, if only one knows about it. In an economy which is growing 8-9 per cent per annum, in a country where MNCs prefer to set their shop, in a society which is booming with youngsters, in an environment where business growth is expected to be northwards for the next couple of decades – programs in commerce are bound to provide excellent career choices. Coupled to this the largest chunk of India’s GDP came from the financial services sector and its allied sectors in the recent past. In this economic and business environment, career options are blossoming for commerce graduates and post graduates.

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