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EDCET Social Studies Previous Question Papers for Download

Following are previous question papers of EDCET Social Studies of the years 2009 and 2011. These can also be used as model question papers for practice. Key is also given along with question papers. EDCET appearing candidates can download these previous question papers. There will be so much competition in Social Studies stream. Candidates should get good marks to get seat in a reputed college. Here are some questions from the EDCET Previous papers of Social Studies Section. You can find answers to these question in the old papers which are provided at the end of these questions:

1) Light year is the unit of:
1) Time 2) Pressure 3) Velocity 4) Distance

2) The most abundant power resources occur in:
1) Igneous rocks 2) Sedimentary rocks
3) Metamorphic rocks 4) Volcanic rocks

3) Solution is the dominant process in
1) Sandstone 2) Shale 3) Limestone 4) Conglomerate

4) Which of the following landforms is formed mainly by aggradation?
1) Delta 2) Yardang 3) Arete 4) Valley

5) The Menam is the most important river of:
1) Thailand 2) Malaysia 3) Indonesia 4) Vietnam

6) The right to recall in Panchayat Raj system was first introduced in:
1) Maharashtra 2) Madhya Pradesh 3) Tamilnadu 4) Kerala

7) One of the following states doesn't have bicameral legislature:
1) Bihar 2) Uttar Pradesh 3) Karnataka 4) Punjab

8) Which one of the following is a constitutional body?
1) National Commission for Minorities
2) National Commission for Women
3) National Commission for Backward Classes
4) National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

9) Who appoints the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee?
1) President of India
2) Speaker of Lok Sabha
3) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
4) Union Finance Minister

10) The concept of span of attention has derived from:
1) Sociology 2) Psychology 3) Philosophy 4) Theology

EDCET - Social Studies Previous paper - 2009

EDCET Social Studies Previous Question paper - 2011

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