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EDCET Physical Sciences Question Paper with Key 2012

We are giving EDCET 2012 Physical Sciences Question Paper along with key / answers for the use of EDCET appearing / appeared candidates in Andhra Pradesh. You can download the complete question paper from the link given at the end of the following model questions. These questions also taken from the question paper for sample purpose. You can move down and download the question paper directly. Edcet Physics Question Paper also includes Part - A and Part - B (General English and Teaching Aptitude). Following are model questions:

1. In plane transmission grating, the angle of diffraction is:
1. directly proportional to wavelength
2. inversely proportional to wavelength
3. independent of wavelength
4. directly proportional to grating element

2. The maximum electric field that a dielectric can withstand without breakdown is called:
1. dielectric constant 2. permeability
3. permittivity 4. dielectric strength

3. Capacity of a parallel plate capacitor can be increased by:
1. increasing the distance between the plates
2. increasing the thickness of the plates
3. decreasing the thickness of the plates
4. decreasing the distance between the plates

4. Lenz's law is the consequence of law of conservation of:
1. charge 2. mass 3. momentum 4. energy

5. Betatron works on the same principle of:
1. Generator 2. transformer 3. galvanometer 4. self inductor

6. As the temperature of a black body increases, the wavelength corresponding to the maximum radiant energy.
1. Shifts towards shorter wavelength
2. remains same
3. Shifts towards longer wavelength
4. depends on the black body

7. Which of the following is not correct under the action of central force?
1. Work done in moving a particle depends on the path followed.
2. Torque acting on the particle is zero
3. Angular momentum of the particle is constant.
4. Areal velocity of the particle is zero.

EDCET Physical Sciences Question paper 2012 - Download

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